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You know what time it is

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Similarities between Phlannel Boxingday and Princess Bubblegum.

  • Phlannel Boxingday (PB), Princess Bubblegum (PB)
  • Phlannel (8 letters, 2 syllables) Boxingday (9 letters, 3 syllables), Princess (8 letters, 2 syllables) Bubblegum (9 letters, 3 syllables).
  • Both able to speak German.
  • Same skin color. The storyboard art for Phlannel even describes his color as “PB skin.”
  • Both want Lemonhope to help his people.
  • Phlannel mentions zanoits, just like Bubblegum has in the past.
  • Both say that they can’t enter the Lemon Kingdom due to “pacts and treaties. 

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episode with character development:
"I wish Adventure Time was light-hearted and fun like the first season!"
episode that's light-hearted and fun:
"I wish Adventure Time had more character development!"

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Favorite Moments — 2 / 

  Looking back on Season 1, I came across this scene. It really caught my eye because, compared to Season 5, it’s so lighthearted. It emphasized what Adventure Time used to be about. A kid doing wacky things with his lazy dog. It’d be nice for Adventure Time to ease up on the heavier topics and just go for pure fun and adventure. 

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Adventure Time - Lemonhope (Sneak Peek)

PB: You have two cupcakes. Finn has no cupcakes.

Finn: :(

Here goes the answer for “Does Finn attend school”

Omg I love that PB’s trying to get Finn to do school! “Well at least he’s street smart…”

Also LH putting his spit on the cupcakes to claim them made me lol!

this is the BEST THING EVER

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